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Content of WordPress Coupon Plugin

WordPress is a free platform. So we didn’t invent anything. We are just using it in order to give you increased chances of getting to the first place on major search engines ( read: make money ).

For WordPress Coupon Plugin to work you need the Rss feed plugin

So what is included in WordPress Coupon Plugin?
Normally when a script purchase is made you get a file that should be installed on the server.
This time you will get a file that contains instruction with steps. Following the steps will get you to use this plugin in an automated way.
You are right: you will follow the steps one time and after that you will just get the benefits from using WordPress Coupon Plugin which, on short, are:
1. Chances to do sales with no effort.
2. Increases chances of getting in the first position for a search.
3. Backlinks made with no effort.

Here is an example how the WordPress Coupon Plugin will look like Coupodon Promo

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