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Coupon Script Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Coupon Plugin extends your Coupon Site Script to the WordPress platform.

WordPress is one of the most used blogging platform at this hour. WordPress community supports over 5,000 extra plugins and widgets that can be installed.
The platform is very well seen by major search engines and also “calls” them every time you post an article. This is how you can be indexed very fast showing your coupon or offer in search results in minutes after a store decided to go public with a coupon or offer.
Being the first to appear on internet with a coupon or deal will increase your chances of selling goods through affiliate links ( read: make money! )

Why is WordPress Coupon Plugin a marketing tool?
The major search engines love fresh content and different organization of the information.
Using the WordPress Coupon Plugin you organize the same information differently. This will be new to search engine making them index the new content. Like this you will INCREASE your chances of getting in the first position for a search.
Consider also common sense: if you manage to get the top 10 position in a search result where do you think the visitor will buy from?
That is right: from you! ( read: I MAKE money )

Written above is only the chance to increase the sale of a product. Still the WordPress Coupon Plugin has another SEO advantage:
You will have a lot of pages indexed by major search engine that have a link pointing to your Coupon Site Script. Those are backlinks made with no effort and they will improve your chances in raking well with the pages from the Coupon Site Script.
You would be right to say that this is a WINNING circle for you.

What does the WordPress Coupon Plugin contain?

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