Coupon Site Script

How It Works

Coupon Site Script is a php script to build a turnkey coupon website that generates income trough affiliate programs.

Here is the simple scenario:

  • User wants to buy something and is looking for discounts (on search engines) or just finds out about a great offer or discount coupon (ie. from a twitter post – see the twitter plugin).
  • User clicks the image to get the coupon or offer link.
  • User is directed to the store homepage trough the affiliate link and he’s marked as sent by you.
    Affiliate systems use cookies to mark each client coming from an affiliate.
  • When user orders something from that store (sometimes later) you get your commission for the sale.
    This can occur multiple times depending on how long the affiliate system stores the cookie with your affiliate id: you will get commissions every time (5-50% of the sale price or a flat fee depending on item and store).

How much can you make?

Consider you’re listing some popular company brands with coupons and offers. Many of their regular buyers will look online for discounts: you don’t have to convince anyone to buy as they already want to and just looking to find the discount. How much do popular online stores generate? Millions. You can have a share as affiliate.

Some websites using this script make thousands per month. Maybe you could do better.

To start you just need a compatible host, a domain and this script. Then you can register as affiliate for as many stores as you like and list the coupons. We already developed multiple plugins that can automate the webmaster tasks: adding coupons and promoting the site.

Why have your own coupons site?

Most people want to do something in their lives. And since you are reading this text you are one of them.
A site is an easy task if you browsed the web. But what kind of site should I open?
Most people that start a site, quit the idea after 1 year. They do that because they think about how to make a site and the last thing on their mind is how to make money. So they start the site, they spend money on script, design, campaigns … and after the happy moment ( of doing something ) they find out that there is no way how to make money from their site! ( only work, no money )

This script is designed go differently, and by this you should understand:
How can I make money … with the help of a site!

But why should you consider a coupon site?
A coupon saves you some money. Now, if someone would offer you the same deal that you want to buy ( same product, same condition ) but at a lower price, would you take it? Would you pay that person?

The answer for this question is provided by math:
( Remember same product, same conditions ) If someone would offer a 5$ discount, but I would have to pay 1$, I would consider this deal like this:
I’m getting what I want and I save 4$ … sure I would take it!!!
That is your dollar!

In short, buy this script when:
1. You want to make easy money.
2. Work as less as possible for the money ( if you buy the full package – less than 2 minutes / day )
3. Help other getting what they want.

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