Coupon Site Script

How to import coupons, deals and offers

1. Affiliate Window
a. go to your Affiliate Window account to: Link & Tools – Promotional – Discount Codes
b. Copy the “Manual download” link and paste it into your admin coupon script ( at Marketing Settings – Affiliate Wiondow )
c. THAT’S IT! The update will be made automatically from now on.

2. LinkShare
Enter the LinkShare account. Go with the mouse on menu called Links. Press “Get Links”.
Move mouse over each program that approved you, wait, and press text / email option. After you selected the desired offers click “Export Selected to .csv”
Import the file from the Admin via: Imports / LinkShare.
Make sure that the name of the store from the file is exactly the same as the store name on the coupon site. You will know that this is the case when you will import a file and you will get the message “0 rows identified from … ”

3. Avangate
Enter your Avangate account. Click “Affiliate Programs” – Your Product Feeds.
Click the Create feed – Create more feeds button and make feeds. Download the files.
Import the file from the Admin via: Imports / Avangate.

4. Shareasale
Enter your Shareasale account. On the Links menu click “View Coupons and Deals Database”. Then search and click the link called “Quick Database of all available coupons (Your merchants only) “. Click then “click here to download it”.
Save the file to your computer.
Import the file from the Admin via: Imports / ShareaSale.

5. Cj
To receive coupons and deals from Cj first you have to contact the staff and ask them to create a feed for you. After you received the feed details:
Download the file to your local computer.
Import the file from the Admin via: Imports / Cj

6. Regnow
Enter your Regnow account. Go to Marketing Tab ( wait to open ) / Go to Feed section and press Coupons. Now make a feed for Coupons by pressing Add. Make sure that the “Output Format” is selected on CSV.
Download the file and upload it via Admin: Imports / Regnow

7. Affili.Net
Enter your Affili.Net account. Go to Programs & Creative » Vouchers & promotions » Vouchers / Promotions. Select what you want and download the file.
Import the file via WordPress admin. Select the template and run the import.

8. AvantLink
Enter your AvantLink account. Go to Ad Tool – Dynamic Deal Fead and Create Deal Feed. Once created copy and paste the link to the import section in wordpress. Select the AvantLink template and run the import.
From time to time re-run the link in order to update your site with deals from AvantLink.

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