Coupon Site Script

Installation Instructions

These are the installation instructions for the Coupon Site Script.

Before you start installing make sure your site meets all script requirements.

To do this you must have basic experience and knowledge with installing php scripts: using a ftp client to access your web server, creating a mysql database.

  1. Unpack zip file on your computer.
  2. Copy all site files to the public location on your web server (usually public_html or htdocs). To verify you’re copying the right folder structure make sure you’ll end up having a public_html/Admin folder.
  3. Create a new MySQL database. Also create a MySQL user and add this with ALL privileges to the database. In CPanel you can use the database wizard tool to create this.
  4. Import clients_db.sql file into your new database. You can use phpMyAdmin to do this.
  5. Set the mysql access details data in config.php file.Set your site url in the same file (ends with “/”).
  6. Set folder write permissions (0777) for these folders:
    • /media
    • /media/import
    • /media/pic110
    • /media/pic240
    • /media/pic240crop
    • /media/pic65
    • /media/main_menu.txt
  7. Set a cron job to execute once per day: lynx -dump> /dev/null 2>&1  . This removes expired offers daily.
  8. Set a cron job to execute once per day ( suggestion ): lynx -dump> /dev/null 2>&1 . This generates most popular tags menu daily ( suggestion ).
  9. You can login to the Admin section with the link The default user: admin with the password: admin. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE and REMEMBER the password ( up to the right: Change Password ).
  10. How to edit the 2’nd template

If you need assistance contact support. Your hosting access details will be required for on-site assistance.


Website Templates
Various website skins that can be used to inspire or even implement entirely a new visual identity for your website. These need to be integrated by a developer into this script’s template system.

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