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Rss feed plugin

The Rss feed plugin improves your chances to do sales with no effort.

What does it do?
The Rss feed plugin gives you the opportunity to give rss feed to all coupons and offers from you database.

How do I make sales?
The format of the feed is special made so that it contains an active link on it. The link has your affiliate id under it. So any client that clicks an offer will get a cookie with your id. That means that any purchase made by that visitor on the store ( that he will be redirected to ) will be attributed to you.
This process will be made from other external sites that take the rss feed provided by your coupon site.

How does this plugin help in promoting my site?
The format of the rss feed also includes a link to your site ( the provider of the feed ). This is a do follow link. Any site that takes and uses your rss feed ( beside the fact that will do sales for you ) will also make backlinks for your coupon site. This will increase your site rankings in major search engines.
No work implied from your side in order for this to happen.

What are other advantages of the plugin?
People will take the rss feed and will use it on their site advertising your site and making sales for you.
Still you can also make some work. The plugin gives you new possibility of advertising your site. There are a lot of free rss directories in which you can include your rss links. From those directories people will also take your feed to promote you coupons, offers and site.

Maybe you just want to add some new force to the marketing provided by Twitter Plugin.
With the Rss Plugin you have the possibility to use WordPress Coupon Script Plugin.
Wordpress is one of the most used free platform.

The WordPress Coupon Plugin enters your site here:
“Today 362,357 bloggers posted 508,499 posts and 451,075 comments. That’s about 353 posts per minute, and 313 comments per minute. In total 106,488,718 words were written. That’s almost 3 times larger than the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, which has about 40 million words!”
Source: WordPress

Improve your chances of selling without effort.

Buy now Rss Feed Plugin.

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