Coupon Site Script

Affili.Net Import Plugin

Automatically lists Affili.Net offers for affiliated stores. Using this plugin you reduce the work for stores affiliated with Affili.Net to minutes/day and you save money!

This plugin is for a WordPress coupon plugin.

The idea behind was to answer the question:
How can I update my site with minimum effort?
So we searched and found a solution. With Affili.Net Plugin all you have to do is:
1. go to your Affili.Net account,
2. select the offers you would like to appear on your site,
3. download the feed.
4. upload/import the feed to your site.

How to import coupons, deals and offers

About affilinet:

affilinet has been around for as long as affiliate marketing itself; and since 1997 we’ve been working to shape the world of online marketing. We are one of Europe’s leading performance marketing networks, providing publishers, advertisers and agencies with sophisticated and performance-driven solutions. Through the continual development of our technology and the unrivalled experience and knowledge we are able to work with our customers to deliver long-term success for their marketing strategies.

Generating a significant return on investment for advertisers is at the core of our ethos, and for this reason we place great emphasis on developing the right partnerships long-term. We take a consultative, value-added approach to our client’s business, enabling them to optimise the performance marketing channel and better integrate it with the rest of their marketing activities. We strive to achieve the very highest standards in terms of service, and approach our customers’ strategic objectives as if they were our own. Over 2,500 advertising agencies and 500,000 publishers have already come to rely on this philosophy.

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