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Affiliate Window Import Plugin

Automatically lists Affiliate Window offers for affiliated stores and removes these when they expire. This plugin is full automated. You only place a code from Affiliate Window and the updates will be made without any intervention from your side.

Using this plugin you reduce the work for stores affiliated with Affiliate Window to minutes/day and you save money! ( Read to see how )

You need to add store to the site prior to using this plugin.

The idea behind was to answer the question:
How can I update my site with minimum effort?
So we searched and found a solution. With Affiliate Window Plugin all you have to do is:
1. go to your Affiliate Window account to: Link & Tools – Promotional – Discount Codes
2. Copy the “Manual download” link and paste it into your admin coupon script ( at imports – Affiliate Wiondow )
3. THAT’S IT! The update will be made automatically from now on.

Still after answering this question we found that there was another related question to this one:
Now that I have the latest offers on my site how do I delete them after expiring?
Now this is a hard question considering the fact that you may have more than 10.000 deals on the website at one time ( we reached more than 30.000 ).

What is the necessary time to delete such a big amount of offers?
We have no idea! But we are sure that is a long way for someone to do!
What did we do for this problem?

We minimized the time at 0 seconds for someone who uses this plugin. So if you use the Affiliate Window plugin you’ll have:
– Updates of the latest deals;
– Automatic remove when the deal expires.
This operation requires only minutes from your time / day!

How to import coupons, deals and offers

Make money with minimum effort by buying, now, this plugin.

Affiliate Window Installation

These are the installation instructions for the Affiliate Window Plugin.

To do this you must have basic experience and knowledge with installing php scripts: using a ftp client to access your web server, creating a mysql database.

1. unpack zip file
2. copy all files on the server, overwrite the old version files.
3. in the .zip received look for aw_addon.sql and import it via phpmyadmin
4. set a cron to execute once per day “lynx -dump> /dev/null 2>&1”

How to import coupons and deals

If you need assistance contact support. Your hosting access details will be required for on-site assistance.

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