Coupon Site Script

Free Coupon Script

Our basic coupons script is 49$.

How can you get it for free?
For every site you put online you also need hosting. We offer hosting for 48$/year to our coupon script clients.

So in stead of purchasing the script … get the hosting for it and also get the basic coupon script.

There is more?
Yes for each hosting purchased we offer free installation of the script.

So basically in 48$ ( which is less then 49$ price on site ) you get:
1. Basic coupon script
2. Hosting for it
3. Free installation.

Contact support to receive this special offer.

Coupon script special offer

For any new client that can prove that he moves from another coupon script provider to us, the investment for the basic script will be only 15$.

Tiered of placing coupons one by one?

Bored to delete the coupons after they expire?

Absolutely upset by the fact that you waste a lot of time adding a new store to your coupon site?

Left a long time ago the hope that your old provider will give you plugins to this work faster? ( I just said faster not without work!!! )

Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER and move your site on our platform.

Because we also protect your old investment, you will get the basic script for only 15$.

Adding plugins you want, at any time you feel like, will give you the chance to import in seconds:

More then 3000 store ( with all available details included )

More then 30.000 coupons and offers at any time.

Marketing? How about Marketing?

The Marketing Plugins promote the offers automatically, making SEO backlins with do follow but more important MAKING SALES without any effort from your side!

So feel like a GOOD investor, who’s only job is to count money made without an effort, and move to Coupon Site Script platform.

Remember that you also qualify for: Pay 49$ get 75$ instant

Contact support ( before you make the purchase on the script ) to receive this special offer. If you contact support after your purchase the offer will not apply.

WordPress Coupon Script Installation

WordPress is a free platform. So we didn’t invent anything. We are just using it in order to give you increased chances of getting to the first place on major search engines ( read: make money ).

For WordPress Coupon Plugin to work you need the Rss feed plugin

So what do you get when you buy WordPress Coupon Plugin?
For the 15$ you invested in this plugin we will do the work. We will install the WordPress Coupon Plugin.
This will be made on a subdomain of your site or in a folder.
Example for what we mean:
If your domain is we will do the installation in a subdomain:
Or in a folder
Choose the way and tell us what to do.

You can name the subdomain/folder as you like – as you will make it ( for clients hosting with us we will do the subdomain / folder ).

As we are there we’ll also include other useful plugins for WordPress.
This are extra plugins that can give you new ideas how to use the WordPress blog.
( Like a marketing plugin to promote your articles to social sites – all automated )
Also you can choose the template for the WordPress Coupon site. As long as you give us an exact link ( from where to download the template ) we will do it
Example from where you can choose templates

Tutorial how to make the import from the coupon site to the WordPress coupon site can be found here.

Buy Installation Now

How to install

To install you must have basic experience and knowledge with installing php scripts: using a ftp client to access your web server, creating a mysql database.

How to install:
1. Coupon Script
2. Twitter Plugin
3. Store Database Plugin
4. LinkShare Plugin
5. LinkShare Rss Plugin
6. Tag Page Optimizer Plugin
7. Avangate Plugin
8. Affiliate Window
9. Expired Offers
10. ShareaSale Plugin
11. Blogger Plugin
12. Cj Plugin
13. WordPress Plugin
14. Blog Plugin
15. Posterous Plugin
16. Tumblr Plugin
17. Rss Plugin
18. Regnow Import Plugin
19. Flickr Plugin
20. Affili.Net Import Plugin
21. Avantlink Import Plugin

If you need assistance contact support. Your hosting access details will be required for on-site assistance.



Website Templates
Various website skins that can be used to inspire or even implement entirely a new visual identity for your website. These need to be integrated by a developer into this script’s template system.

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