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Import website plugin gives you content for this script, with almost 0 work implied from your side. ( read the rest to get the idea behind the plugin )

So now you have a website. You know that when you install a website it is empty?!
That is right it has nothing on it.
– But visitors come to my site to see something … not an empty site!

So how can I place relevant content as fast as possible?
That doesn’t imply that I’ll work for the next months and after fishing, in no seconds, there will be content on my site! I would prefer to work as low as possible and have, in minutes, a lot of content.

Import websites plugin solves this issue fast. You can import more than 4000+ websites to your site in minutes. Like this you’ll have a lot of content for the moment when visitors arrive to your site. By content we mean readymade pages ( title, description, etc. ). The pages are for stores that you will affiliate on different networks. That means relevant and useful content for your visitors.

At this moment you can import store from:
1. Affiliate Window
2. LinkShare
3. Avangate
4. ShareaSale
5. Commission Junction ( cj )
6. Regnow

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