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Flickr Plugin Installation

These are the installation instructions for the Blog Plugin.

To do this you must have basic experience and knowledge with installing php scripts: using a ftp client to access your web server, creating a mysql database.

1. unpack zip file
2. copy all files on the server, overwrite the old version files
3. set a cron to execute once per 10 minutes “lynx -dump> /dev/null 2>&1”
4. directory “flickrOffers” must have write permission
5. execute the sql commands from flickr_addon.sql file

If you need assistance contact support. Your hosting access details will be required for on-site assistance.

Flickr Plugin

Automatically posts all coupons and offers to Flickr.

Flickr is a free platform. So we didn’t invent anything. We are just using it in order to give you increased chances of getting to the first place on major search engines ( read: make money ).

Which are Flickr Plugin advantages?
1. Chances to do sales with no effort.
2. Increases chances of getting in the first position for a search.
3. Backlinks made with no effort.

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