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Expired Offers

Advanced SEO customization options for offers.

Our basic coupon script has this automatic feature on: an offer is removed from the system ( data base ) once it expires.

What if you want to keep that offer?
Example: the link of the offer ( ) has a lot of hits from another site.
Wouldn’t be a waste to throw a link that brings you sales?

That is what the Expired Offers plugin does. It keeps an offer link ( with your affiliate id ) in a separate place. This way you can make money even after the offer expired.
You can set up how long are you going to keep the expired offers on your site ( maximum 365 days ) from the Admin.

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Promote Your Coupon In Coupon Script Sites

We offer our Coupon Script for the investors who want to make money in the growing coupon world.

The market for coupons is a 3.5 billions $ market. The market grow in the last years due to Groupon explosion for the fact that people love a deal and, most important, in these economic days, because people NEED a bargain!

So lot of people are searching for those coupons.

However as an advertiser: where to promote a coupon, how to find the coupon sites, how to enter with a coupon on those sites?

We offer for our clients also an option for the store database. But not all clients decide to purchase the store database.

Now how can an advertiser take advantage of the webmaster that have a coupon script?

What if the client gets a FREE store to place in his data base when he buys the coupon script from us?
He would probably add it to it’s site as this could mean saving time ( by not adding the store himself ) and in comparation with the fact that normally he would have to pay for this … he will have the interest in making some money by not spending them.

Your store could be the one added by the webmasters.

The advantages of being the store in the webmaster coupon script:
1. You get free promotion having your own page and links to your site in others person site.
2. You can add coupons at any time. The basic script will be send to the client with the default option that when a person enters a coupon will appear on the site.
3. Having a special page where you can see all the sites that are in the program.

All these point lead to:
You won’t have to spend any time finding the place where to place your coupons. You will just press the links of the coupon sites from the program, submit your coupon and they will appear on the site!

The price for such a feature is 102$/ year / one time payment for one program.
For these money your program will appear as a store in the sites listed here

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See which sites participate in the program.

See on what sites you can place your coupon for free.

Keep in mind:
We will deliver the stores to be added to store data base to all clients that we have.
We are not responsible if the client to don’t import the the store, or deletes it after a while. Also not responsible if the client decides not to approve coupons placed from site.

Coupon script special offer

For any new client that can prove that he moves from another coupon script provider to us, the investment for the basic script will be only 15$.

Tiered of placing coupons one by one?

Bored to delete the coupons after they expire?

Absolutely upset by the fact that you waste a lot of time adding a new store to your coupon site?

Left a long time ago the hope that your old provider will give you plugins to this work faster? ( I just said faster not without work!!! )

Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER and move your site on our platform.

Because we also protect your old investment, you will get the basic script for only 15$.

Adding plugins you want, at any time you feel like, will give you the chance to import in seconds:

More then 3000 store ( with all available details included )

More then 30.000 coupons and offers at any time.

Marketing? How about Marketing?

The Marketing Plugins promote the offers automatically, making SEO backlins with do follow but more important MAKING SALES without any effort from your side!

So feel like a GOOD investor, who’s only job is to count money made without an effort, and move to Coupon Site Script platform.

Remember that you also qualify for: Pay 49$ get 75$ instant

Contact support ( before you make the purchase on the script ) to receive this special offer. If you contact support after your purchase the offer will not apply.

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