Coupon Site Script

How to install

To install you must have basic experience and knowledge with installing php scripts: using a ftp client to access your web server, creating a mysql database.

How to install:
1. Coupon Script
2. Twitter Plugin
3. Store Database Plugin
4. LinkShare Plugin
5. LinkShare Rss Plugin
6. Tag Page Optimizer Plugin
7. Avangate Plugin
8. Affiliate Window
9. Expired Offers
10. ShareaSale Plugin
11. Blogger Plugin
12. Cj Plugin
13. WordPress Plugin
14. Blog Plugin
15. Posterous Plugin
16. Tumblr Plugin
17. Rss Plugin
18. Regnow Import Plugin
19. Flickr Plugin
20. Affili.Net Import Plugin
21. Avantlink Import Plugin

If you need assistance contact support. Your hosting access details will be required for on-site assistance.



Website Templates
Various website skins that can be used to inspire or even implement entirely a new visual identity for your website. These need to be integrated by a developer into this script’s template system.

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