Coupon Site Script

Using the 2’nd template

For changing bottom content (white boxes of newsletter):

Go to CouponSite theme folder and open  inc.footer.php  file in any text editor like notepad etc..

Go to line number 96  and u will see this  <!– testimonials start –>

The bottom content starts below this tag.

For first box at line 109, you will see this:

<!–  <p>“Change THIS”</p> –>

Just remove the <!–  –> tags from the left and right of the code and make it like this one:

<p>“Change THIS”</p>

and edit your desired text.. Similarly, you will find the content for the other two boxes below and do the same trick for the other two boxes as well.

For changing the main girl picture with the search box:

Go to theme/CouponSite/img/  and find the image file  ” sassy-saver.png ” and replace it with that image with your image
but with the same image name.

Changing the text over serach box:

in home.php you check change the text at line number: 32
in tag_result.php file, you can change the text at line number: 21
in store_list.php file, you can change the text at line number: 27
you may find all these 3 files in
theme folder
theme > CouponSite >( home.php , tag_result.php, store_list.php)

Thats it!

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