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Using Twitter Plugin

After installing Twitter Plugin you will have to make an account with them.
Here is the link to do that Twitter Signup.
The second operation will be to make an API application with your account.
Go to Twitter Api.

Complete at least the sections:
1. Application Name
2. Description
3. Application Website
Pres save. After the application is saved click the settings tab
4. Default Access type: select read and write option. ( available on settings tab )

Click back to the details tab

You will have the: ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret.
Generate UserToken and UserSecret.
After this process is done your plugin will work properly.

Make sure you complete all the fields in your Admin at “Add Account for Twitter”

How to make the free Facebook plugin work?
After you’ve made the account with Twitter login to Twitter and go to “Settings” option.
Go to Profile and click the Facebook option.
The plugin will take you tweets from Twitter and place them in your Facebook account.

No more work involved from your side!

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