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WordPress Coupon Script Installation + hosting

WordPress is a free platform. So we didn’t invent anything. We are just using it in order to give you increased chances of getting to the first place on major search engines ( read: make money ).

For WordPress Coupon Plugin to work you need the Rss feed plugin

So what do you get when you buy WordPress Coupon Plugin?
For the 55$ you invested in this plugin we will do the work.
1. We will install the WordPress Coupon Plugin.
As we are there, we’ll also include other useful plugins for WordPress.
These are extra plugins that can give you new ideas how to use the WordPress blog.
( Like a marketing plugin to promote your articles to social sites – all automated )
Also you can choose the template for the WordPress Coupon site. As long as you give us an exact link ( from where to download the template ) we will do the installation
Example from where you can choose templates

2. You will get a hosting package for the WordPress platform.
The hosting with us costs 48$ / year.

So for 55$ you will get hosting for one year and free installation of the WordPress Coupon Plugin.

1. After 1 year you will have to pay another 48$ for 1 year hosting
2. You will also need to buy a domain for your new WordPress Coupon Plugin ( purchase domain ).
So if you choose this package you will have 2 sites:
1. Coupon site.
2. WordPress Coupon site.
In the end the site will look like Coupodon Promo

Tutorial how to make the import from the coupon site to the WordPress coupon site can be found here.

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